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Pierson Library reading area with large window and artwork by local area artists
Stina Booth Photographer | https://www.stinabooth.com


Lisa Balfour
Lisa Balfour

1st floor Merrill Community Room - Lisa Balfour

In the Community Room, Lisa Balfour’s brightly hued acrylic paintings bring joyful swirls of color. With an art education degree, Balfour began her career as a photo stylist at Hallmark Cards, working alongside photographers to create imagery for greeting cards, calendars and other social expressions. 

A lifetime of experience has reawakened her talent of discovery through painting. The excitement as her creations unfold in front of her is what drives her to further explore and discover. 

As she feels it should be, her interpretation of the work is often different from that of the viewer's experience. She hopes for you, the viewer, to make your own discoveries and interpretations.

2nd Floor Adult Section - Kelly O'Neal

Photographer, traveler, data nerd, foodie, geographer, dog lover, sunset enthusiast: O’Neal creates ethereal, painterly photographs of the beauty of place.  

Unlike most photographers, she seeks to move the camera during exposure, relying on years of practice to create the look she wants on her digital film.  Rather than documenting what your eyes directly see, she captures colors and shapes and seeks to evoke the essence of a locale and its quintessential moments. 

Kelly self-taught this technique beginning in 2007 in her basement apartment, combating the stress of a consulting job by photographing flower bouquets at midnight. Soon she expanded this technique to landscapes, and took the technique on the road during her travels.

Many of her pieces feature Lake Champlain’s shorelines and big sky views.

Kelly O'Neal and Lisa Balfour's work will be on view through mid-June. For more information or to purchase please contact Kate Ashman at Burlington City Arts: 802-865-7296 or kashman@burlingtoncityarts.org

Kelly O'Neal
Kelly O'Neal

Bee Quilt

Entrance Gallery (front Foyer): Hope Johnson, Bee Quilts.

Hope’s background in art began with both of her parents who were art teachers in public and private schools in New York and New Jersey. She has a BA in Psychology and certification in art education from Montclair State University where she studied fiber art with instructor Carol Westfall.

In 1984, after taking an evening class in quilting, Hope continued to quilt using original designs inspired by the natural world especially the honeybee hive, and has branched out into figurative subjects as well.

Since 2010, through her work as Vermont Quilt Bee, she has collaborated with quilters, gardeners and beekeepers for inspiration and mutual support. Every year, Hope creates an original honeybee themed quilt for the Eastern Apicultural Society’s auction to raise funds for beekeeping education; this year, the EAS summer conference was held in Shepardsville, Kentucky and “Kentucky Honeybee”, a small wall quilt, raised $700.00 for the cause. She created a coat-of-arms design that incorporates goldenrod, the Kentucky State Flower, and a worker honeybee.

Hope has demonstrated and taught quilting to adults and “Honeybee Geometry” to children through local quilt guilds, bee-themed events, and non-profit organizations including Shelburne Museum, Shelburne Farms and the Northeast Organic Farmers Association. For a free tutorial by Hope on machine piecing hexagons, go to www.shelburnemuseum.org/museum-from-home/technique . Her website is www.vermontquiltbee.com .