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Community Room Gallery

Michael Farnsworth, photographs

As a native Vermonter, Farnsworth was raised in nature. Before he could even walk, his father had stuffed him in his backpack & summited Mansfield, Camel's Hump, and many other mountains. In grade school (SCS), this passion for the outdoors manifested in countless drawings of trees, mountains & lakes. Then in high school (CVU) he turned to painting landscapes.

Finally, as an adult he pivoted to landscape photography, and for the last 17 years he’s been honing his craft. In 2019 he took his passion on the road, building out a Mercedes Sprinter Van and heading west. He’s been living nomadically in his van ever since, going where the most beautiful photography is possible, and selling his work at arts festivals.

He has spent a lot of time around campfires gazing up at the night sky, staying in very remote places far from city lights & seeing the Milky Way stretched across the vaulted heavens. He finds it so enchanting out there in thedark. Last year he headed north to Alaska. There he finally saw the Aurora Borealis, which took his breathe away and felt like a major check mark on his list of photography desires. He was then fortunate enough to see an annular solar eclipse in Oregon last fall. On April 8th when the Total Solar Eclipse moves slowly across North America, he will be in Texas, in the center of the path of totality, camera in hand awaiting the experience of a lifetime

2nd Floor Gallery

Elizabeth Nelson, acrylic paintings

Northern Vermont has been the foundation for fifty years as Nelson explores the colder climate and landscapes of Vermont, Iceland and Norway in her paintings. The paintings are comments on the beauty of these harsh environments and their fragility as our climate changes. Storms, immense peace and sometimes unearthly beauty are expressed in a call to protect the fragile balance of our lives with the changing earth.

Born in New York City and raised in Connecticut, Nelson began painting when she was eight. She graduated from Rhode Island School of Design and then lived in Guatemala for a year. After receiving a Master’s degree at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, she lived in Massachusetts and now has lived in northern Vermont for over fifty years where she raised her children. She has been a teacher, dairy farmer, museum curator and always a painter. She has exhibited throughout Vermont and New England as well as in juried shows in Reykjavik, Iceland, Wisconsin, New York, Kentucky and Pennsylvania. Nelson is represented by Furchgott Sourdiffe Gallery in Shelburne and currently has additional works on exhibit there. Please pay them a visit to see more.

Ashley Farren Tapestries

Fiber Arts Gallery (Front Foyer)

Ashley Farren, handwoven tapestries

"Colors of Our History" is a collection of handwoven tapestries, each meticulously crafted to honor our ancestors' traditions.

Made from ethically sourced natural fibers, including Authentic Harris Tweed from Scotland, these tapestries are dyed using ancient methods or painted with handmade natural archival paints. Infused with intention and adorned with crystals for specific purposes, each piece embodies the rhythms of nature and the ancient wisdom of past generations, inspiring healing in everyday life.

Ashley Farren, the artist behind Sett Intentions Weaving, began her journey into fiber arts three years ago while on a croft in the Scottish Isles. Guided by a deep sense of connection to our ancestors and a reverence for nature, Ashley creates woven wall hangings that promote harmony and healing, harnessing the energy of plants through natural dyeing and paint-making. With materials sourced from local farms and small businesses, each tapestry carries a unique energy, inviting viewers to embrace the magic of simplicity and connection with the past.

Community Gallery Hallway

Christine Niles, oil paintings

A native New Englander, Christine graduated from the Swain School of Design with a BFA in Textile Design and Painting. After many years as a fine craft artist, she returned to painting.

Working primarily in oils, Christine’s paintings often represent a liminal space – between land and water, earth and sky – where the smallness of humanity meets the expansiveness of nature.

Christine lives in Shelburne Vermont where she creates her work both plein air and in the studio.

Christine is represented by Orleans Modern Art, Orleans, MA and Lupine Gallery, Monhegan, ME.

Christine Drawing
Flower painting 2
Lisa Kent Painting

Children's Room Gallery

Christine Mitchell Adams, Jenn Ashline, Lisa Kent, paintings & drawings

Christine Mitchell Adams

Christine is a figurative artist based in Vermont working in graphite and charcoal. She graduated from Connecticut College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a Certificate in Museum Studies. Her drawings are acknowledged for their minimalism while displaying movement and nuance through lines. Since the birth of her son in 2019, Christine has been focused on creating visceral and honest drawings that explore her postpartum and parenting experiences. She began drawing these intimate moments as a way to process the myriad of thoughts and feelings. Both the sweet moments and the mentally and emotionally challenging—feelings of crushing postpartum anxiety, inadequacy, and intense love. Let alone the loneliness of being a new parent to an infant during a global pandemic and trying to get her bearings in isolation. These drawings became a form of self-care when it was limited to the few spare moments between caretaking, sleep, and eating.

Jenn Ashline

Jennifer is a full time medical provider with a part time art practice. She finds that the two roles inform each other and keep her very busy. Jennifer enjoys creating in the space between realism and the abstract. Her paintings often contain rich textures, interesting edges and botanical forms. She aspires to create work that you'll want to spend time with; paintings that invite you in and show you their complexity over
time. Her latest work is inspired by the human figure in its environment. In addition to soft pastel, Jennifer works with oil pastel, acrylic & oil paint. Commission work available upon request

Lisa Kent

Lisa Kent's passion lies in painting landscapes and florals with soft pastels, drawing inspiration from the vibrant hues, textures, and lighting of the Vermont countryside. Her artwork reflects her deep appreciation for nature's beauty, capturing the essence of Vermont's landscapes and flora with delicate precision.