Pierson Library reading area with large window and artwork by local area artists
Stina Booth Photographer | https://www.stinabooth.com


Susan Abbott
Small Town Intersection, Morning

1st floor Merrill Community Room - Susan Abbott

Susan Abbott moved to Vermont almost twenty years ago for the most impractical of reasons, love at first sight. Driving through a small town in the southern part of the state on her way to somewhere else, she caught a glimpse of a stream running through the backyard of an old clapboard cape. Suddenly, she was back in her childhood, and was hooked. Two decades later, she’s still attracted to what she sees both here and on her frequent travels to downeast Maine: a work-a-day patchwork of small towns, dirt roads, village greens, barn yards and back fields. Looking carefully at these ordinary places, landscape and memory intersect for her.

In these landscapes, the mood may be melancholy, the meaning ambiguous. Both mood and meaning in her landscapes—images of old houses, old farms, old towns, old trucks–have to do with age and time. Like many Vermonters, she values the old. Even when a barn has outlived its purpose, we respect its venerable presence and want to see it endure. The Japanese concept of “wabi-sabi” has helped her understand why she finds these old, ordinary, and sometimes broken-down places so beautiful. Wabi-sabi embraces the aged, the imperfect, the modest, the subjective, the natural, the seasonal, the private, the mysterious. In Vermont and Maine, she finds wabi-sabi everywhere she looks. In her painting, she finds beauty in the ordinary, and tries to hold on to the changing, the disappearing, the memory, and the first glimpse.



2nd Floor Pierson Room - Joy Huckins-Noss

Joy Huckins-Noss is a contemporary artist whose love for nature is seen in her vibrant canvases. Joy’s paintings feature tiny spots of color which combine optically. Her style is similar to pointillism, but has a fresh contemporary edge. She applies color in multiple layers to create a uniquely textured surface of color and light. Joy began her art studies at Drew University, and then continued at the University of New Mexico, earning her BA in art. Joy participated in two residencies at the Cape Cod School of Art in Provincetown, where she studied painting in the tradition of the Impressionists. Joy has studied with other notable landscape painters such as Wolf Kahn, Don Stone, Charles Sovek, Doug Dawson and Ray Roberts. Today Joy resides in Vermont and spends the winter months in Arizona, creating art in both locations.

Joy’s paintings focus on our relationship with the natural world. Landscapes of trees and bodies of water, plants, and objects found in nature, draw viewers into a deeper relationship with our environment. Joy’s art relies on the perceptive ability of the eye and mind of the viewer to mix the color dots. Her surfaces are rich, intense and seem to vibrate. “I love to work with the color to make the paintings glow. I want to bring the feelings and sensations of being outdoors into the painting.”




For more information or to purchase please contact Kate Ashman at Burlington City Arts: 802-865-7296 or kashman@burlingtoncityarts.org .  Art is leased through BCA this year on a four month rotating schedule, in an effort to bring new and exciting professional art to this wonderful public space.