Murphy_Colleen_Cruising the City_2021_mixed media on wood panel_12x12_-framed_$300

1st Floor Merrill Community Room

Colleen Murphy: mixed media on panel

Murphy works in mixed media—primarily acrylic paint and collage—on both canvas and wood panels. The collage elements may appear as photographic, textural, or patterned images and shapes. She has explored a variety of themes over many years, but the overarching themes are architecture, interiors, and landscapes. They are all environments she is attracted to, both external and internal. Occasionally, there is a narrative she wants to communicate or a feeling she wants to express. Most times she follows her intuition as best she can, rather than overthink her process.



2nd Floor South Gallery

Mike Sipe: Photographs

The Lake Champlain region is Sipe’s unparalleled muse; the beauty of the lake, skies, mountains, valley and the people enjoying its splendor. He doesn’t have to travel the world to find world-class beauty; it is here, in his own back yard. His ability to find the area's essence is evolving and it is exhilarating to him. He loves to capture vistas with just the right light accenting a center of interest, the effects of natural elements and motion, and when he finds a wide tonal range, the elegant impression of black and white. Sipe’s objective is to use natural light in capturing images, by being in the right place at the right time with the right equipment, evoking a magical light and an interesting confluence of elements. His goal is to offer carefully selected prints to an audience that is also captivated by the beauty of the region and the exquisiteness just outside our doorsteps.

For more information or to purchase please contact Kate Ashman at Burlington City Arts: 802-865-7296 or kashman@burlingtoncityarts.org

Sipe_Shore to Shore_photograph on canvas

Community Gallery (Front Foyer)

VT Arts & Crafts, Luciana McAllister 

Hi, my name is Luciana and I am the creator behind VT Arts & Crafts. I live in Shelburne, Vermont with my husband and daughter. I love to use a plethora of colors and textures to create movement in my weavings! I source the majority of my materials from other small, women owned businesses.  When you purchase my art, you are not just supporting me, you are supporting so many other makers and artists! This also means that I often use hand or indie dyed yarns and Hand spun Art yarns that are unique and often one of a kind pieces of art in their own right.

Garden Orb Collection - For this collection, I wanted to capture the feeling of being surrounded by lush colorful gardens that will never wilt. Whether you are a gardening enthusiast or not blessed with a green thumb, my Garden Orb Collection will bring Springtime to any space in any season.

Beaded Collection - For the Beaded Collection, I used different kinds of beads to accentuate the movement and flow of the wool…and of course to add a little sparkle!  Each bead was meticulously placed to fit into the overall aesthetic of each weaving, creating an abstract feast for the eyes.



Community Gallery (Hallway)

David Paarlberg-Kvam

My drawings and paintings develop out of my own interaction with nature and the Vermont landscape. The work on display at the Pierson Library reflects a sampling of ink drawings completed within the last three years. These ink drawings show common organisms; some represented with scientific accuracy and others altered with an element of fantasy. I focus on organisms and systems that fascinate me - mushrooms, mycelium, decay and decomposition.

The paintings I complete (not represented at the library) exaggerate their functions in their ecosystems and the landscapes where they live. The stages of change that can be directly observed, and those we are barely conscious of, interest me: the shrinking mountains, decaying logs, slow changing seasons, splitting ice, gardens sprouting and the erosion from a rainstorm. These changes are both natural rhythms and stimulated by human impact. They are violent and subtle, reassuring and also unnerving. Some of these changes are accurately observed and others are imagined in our minds. My paintings develop out of the alchemic mixtures as well as my own creative influence. While pouring color puddles over large panels and articulating competing marks the surface bends, cracks and new areas develop. The paint separates and coagulates and what remains is a field that continues to change under the pressure of time. The panel paintings can be viewed on instagram at @dpkartist.

All drawings on display at Pierson are for sale and priced depending on size and framing and matting status. Please contact David at dakvam06@gmail.com or 585-944-1610 for inquiries about work on display or seen online.


Children's Room

Charles Lysogorski: Circus Paintings

Charles Lysogorski. Charles was born in 1950 and received his ASA in Industrial Design from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1970. In 1979 he graduated from the State University at New Paltz, NY with a BFA in painting. Charles moved to NYC in 1980, established a studio in SoHo and worked as the exhibition director for the Museum of Holography.

Charles settled in Shelburne VT in 1994. He has been active in the pursuit of the creative process throughout his career exploring several media including painting, drawing, printmaking, holography and ceramics.