Now OPEN SUNDAYS through May!

Library book sale October 23-24!

Starting September 12th, the library is now open Sundays from Noon-5pm throughout the school year.  We're excited to provide more high-demand weekend hours than ever before!  The only Sundays we will not be open are those before a Monday holiday (Martin Luther King Jr. Day, for example).

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The Friends of Pierson Library will hold its fall book sale fundraiser in the town hall.  9am-5pm on the 23rd, 9am to 3pm on the 24th, Friends and Booksellers preview on the evening of the 22nd!  More details to come soon.



Library and Town Center Project wins Place-making Award!

In 2017, as the New Library and Town Center project was being conceived, project goals included not only a 21st century library and the conservation of the historic Town Hall, but also "strengthening the commercial, civic and social center of Shelburne Village." A 2021 Vermont Public Places Award recognizes the strong work towards achieving this third goal!
"This awards program recognizes special public spaces, the corridors that connect them, or networks of public spaces which have been defined or enriched by planning or design, as well as regulations that promote positive public uses and benefits. "

Kudos to Vermont Integrated Architecture, P.C. Neagley and Chase Construction Company , Town of Shelburne, Vermont and Paintbox Garden ( for your hard work and achievement!

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